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Push Power is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and to conduct safe work practices for all of our employees, customers, contractors and visitors.

We accomplish this through continual improvement in safety as well as nurturing a strong positive safety culture, which is evident throughout each stage of our projects.

Push Power believes that all employees have a critical role in our safety program with input and suggestions welcome. With this comes the commitment to provide the comprehensive training as well as dedicating the necessary resources for employees to perform their jobs safely. 

Solar Panels Technician

Working at Heights

This is a regular activity for Push Power.

It is vital that familiarity with working at height does not dilute our standards. It is important to remember how small a fall can have serious safety consequences and we should consider the safe use of a step up in the same way we consider the edge protection of a 20m high roof.

They key components of working safely at height are: detailed RAMS, up to date training and serviceable equipment.

Electrical Isolation

Electrical isolation is a frequent activity on our sites but focus must never be lost on the potentially lethal consequences of not carrying our isolation procedures correctly.

Central to safe isolation is locking switches and tagging them or “lock out tag out”.

Electrical Circuit
team on site solar farm

Lifting Operations

We routinely lift multiple loads onto roof tops in populated areas.

Whilst all lifts are carefully planned and controlled the activity is never free of risks. Lifting should only be conducted once a lift plan has been approved, the competence of relevant personnel has been assessed, equipment checks have been completed to the correct standards and authorized only by permit.

Manual handling is a particularly prevalent activity on all PV systems. Modules are awkward to lift and if not lifted with care it is easy to cause injury.


Excavations create numerous hazards such as but not limited to: falls from height, potential suffocation, drowning, public safety concerns, damage to utilities and foundations. All excavations are carefully planned and risk assessed and authorised only by permit. 

trench for cables
cars parked onsite with storage


All driving should conform to the Push Power Driving Safety Guidance. It is a simple one page aide memoir of “Dos” and “Donts” for safe driving.

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