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We are a contracting unit under the Push Investment Group, which develop, design, construct and maintain renewable energy solutions for commercial and private clients looking to maximise their energy savings and achieve carbon targets.

Push Power has developed multiple projects across the UK including assisting with the construction of over 200MW portfolio of commercial and utility-scale solar PV. We have also worked in collaboration with our sister company Push Energy which are a leading EPC/Developer in the UK, with long-standing contracts to deliver investment-grade solar projects for some of the largest businesses in the world.

Our principal strengths are our people and reputation. We are well-known for our ability to construct high-quality energy assets.

With the UK pledging to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035 and Net Zero in 2050, we can help businesses take a step in the right direction to start working towards those targets and making your business sustainable.

At Push Power, we pride ourselves on putting our clients first, we will be with you every step of the way and talk you through the best options for you/your business, offering financed installations.

Each client will receive a tailored solution that we will design, keeping in mind the budget and the viability of the overall project. These projects can consist of Solar only, battery only, or hybrid solar and battery storage systems.

With a hybrid battery and solar system, you will have the additional benefit of managing the energy that your business uses. This will in return give control over how and when the energy is used.

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Push Investment Group holds a number of business assets in the renewable energy and residential housing sectors.

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