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Push Power is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and to conduct safe work practices for all of our employees, customers, contractors and visitors.

We accomplish this through continual improvement in safety as well as nurturing a strong positive safety culture, which is evident throughout each stage of our projects.

Push Power believes that all employees have a critical role in our safety program with input and suggestions welcome. With this comes the commitment to provide the comprehensive training as well as dedicating the necessary resources for employees to perform their jobs safely. 

Workforce Health Management

With mental health and workplace stress being a much more open and widely discussed subject, we ensure that our workforce have all of the tools and support for them to be able to openly discuss their wellbeing and mental health.  Our management team are all trained mental health first aiders. We offer advice and highlight support mechanisms to our staff. We have a wellbeing champion that keeps us up to date on the latest guidance and help. We carry out site visits to review staff welfare and offer confidential advice where needed.

Mental health sign

How we report

We operate an online, live HSSE reporting process.


All site staff and office staff have the facility to report near misses, incidents and safety bulletins using mobile platforms.  These reports are sent to the Health and Safety team and uploaded immediately.


The Health and Safety team review the detail and upload information and images to our online portal.  This is then formulated into graphical form for constant review with the Management Team. Our Executive Team review this on a regular basis to identify trends and spikes in specific areas for potential learning and training.


This detail is totally transparent and we encourage our clients to ask us for details on what happened and how we improve as a business. We track and detail all Health and Safety incidences and are available at any time to our clients.  

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